So Many Benefits From Such a Small Investment

This seems teachable-worthy, so here it is.

Sunflower Girls


I knew I would get my money’s worth, but little did I know I would get it in spades!

When my walking companion moved into her new apartment almost three weeks ago, I increased my time with a new partner. Though she cannot ever compete on the personal relationship level, my nano is offering me enormous benefits that I had not anticipated.

Originally, I was simply looking forward to listening to an hour of CBC every morning–an hour with no commercials and no outside commentary interfering with my concentration or enjoyment. And yes, that is welcome and totally worth the price I paid. But I also appreciate the fact that I can see my walking distance and the number of steps, and compare the details from day to day. It doesn’t really matter, but I’m addicted to the record-keeping. “Oh, today it was 8,304 steps and 6.59 km!”

OCD? Maybe.

What else? Well, I have…

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