To Rise and To Raise

Now that you have conquered the lie/lay challenge, I’m sure you’re all ready for a new one. And that’s what I am about to give you here: the challenge of rise/raise.

Actually, in some ways, I think you’ll agree that this post can make the last one easier to understand. The reason I chose to do lie/lay first is that it is a much more commonly used error and, as such, it bugs me more than rise/raise.

In difficult grammatical terms, to raise is a transitive verb and, as such, takes an object. It means to lift or to put higher. You raise something,

In simple terms, that means that this verb will commonly be described and followed by nouns or pronouns — words like the book, my hand, the new flag, or  an issue.

Examples include:

Audrey is going to raise the new flag today.

She is raising the flag in the back yard right now.

Yesterday Audrey quickly raised the flag in the front yard.

She has raised flags all week.

In difficult grammatical terms, to rise is an intransitive verb and, as such, does not take an object.  It means to assume a position, generally a vertical one.  You simply rise or rise up.  Likewise, the smoke simply rises in the air. You simply rise up from your bed in the morning.

In simple terms, that means that you cannot follow this verb immediately in a sentence with a noun or pronoun — words like those above that describe what or who (whom.)

That is because, with to rise, what follows the verb applies to the subject of the sentence.  As such, it can only be followed by words that describe wherewhenwhy and how the object behaves.

Examples include:

Audrey rises from her chair when she finishes dinner.

In fact, she was rising when I came into the room.

Yesterday the sun rose two minutes later than today.

It has risen later every day this week.

Please feel free to fill in the missing verbs in the sentences below.  I will be happy to correct them for you.

Or ask me to clarify my explanations. Perhaps I have missed something.

1.     Earlier this morning the fog __________ slowly and then disappeared with the heat of the sun.

2.     The young girl _________ her hand very quickly in class this morning.

3.     At this moment at the council meeting, the councillor _______________ the possibility of a tax increase.

4.     He ______________ the same issue at every council meeting this year.

5.     He said, ” I would like you to ___________ your hand for your vote in favour of my suggestions.”

6.     The sun has just  __________ in the sky.

7.     It was just starting to_______________ when I woke up.

Good luck.  Now it’s time for you to show off how well you understand this set of verbs.

2 comments on “To Rise and To Raise

  1. DohNa says:

    let’s give this a try
    1.rose 2.raised raising 4.has raised 5.raise 6.risen 7.rise

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